I hope you enjoy my photos. I have a lot of fun taking them.

Whenever I travel to tournaments and on occasional practice rounds, I bring my camera and a few lenses with me.

I probably take 20 photos for each that makes it onto the web site.

You can use them for free, if you like to. I love the sport and hope it will spread and grow. Please use my photos for that purpose.

Feel free to download them in the resolution you find on the site. If you need a higher resolution, write to martin@frisbee.net and specify the ID-number for the photos you want.

There are two requirements, however.

  1. Whenever you use the photos, please include a link to www.frisbee.net, no matter if you use a photo on a website, a poster or another printed matter.
  2. Photos can be used for free for non-commerical, relevant purposes only. They cannot be sold to others and you cannot aquire the copyright.

That's it.